Collection: Table Runners - 104" Length

Table Runners performed many different tasks in well decorated homes – they are used on the bare table or on tablecloths to protect or add a bit of style, especially for that special occasion or holiday. They are also used to create visual balance for full place settings.  They serve as a backdrop for a piece of art, unified decorative elements and helped to make a design statement.
The most popular way to use table runners is to place them lengthwise in the center of the table or over the tablecloth to cover the full length, with a 6″ to 12″ drop on opposite ends.  Sometimes a shorter length is used to compliment a centerpiece.  Another design option is to place more than one runner across the width of the table so the table runner also serves the purpose of placemats while providing a little extra coverage to catch spills and drips. Table runners provide a terrific way to “dress up” a kitchen or dining room table. Instead of covering the entire table, a table runner covers only the middle section of the table, “running” the length or width of the table. They come in a variety of widths and sizes designed for different length tables, and also have many patterns from which to choose. You definitely need a table runner if you want to achieve the wow factor. It’s a simple yet subtle way to add a pop of color or sense of style to your home.